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Journey Covenant Church had an existing website that needed to be updated. There were several features that would be beneficial to the church and The Pantry on the Corner which serves local families in need. A new user experience was also necessary for ease of navigation on the site.

Journey Covenant Church

Project Details:

  • A mobile responsive site
  • Able to accept donations for various projects online
  • Live stream of church services
  • Events calendar
  • Facebook feed added to the site

Pantry on the Corner


We developed the site and remedied these important areas:

  • SEO has been improved to maximize ranking potential and drive traffic to the site.
  • Increased usability because the site is mobile responsive.
  • The performance of the site is increased over the previous version offering a better user experience.
  • is improved with the addition of the live-stream and the active use of Facebook to encourage viewers to visit the website.
  • An SSL certificate has been added to the site for security.

The website came together rather quickly and solves many issues that the JCC and the Pantry on the Corner were experiencing with their original website. The redesign offers them the flexibility to evolve the site as things move from the current situation with guidelines that stem from COVID and will offer the opportunity to expand as events are added to serve the community.

The Pantry on the Corner functions through Journey Covenant Church but we wanted to create a completely different look and feel for that particular page of the site to capture the goals for Pastor Jeanette Brown. The Pantry can receive donations through the site, recruit volunteers, and educate visitors about the help that the Pantry is providing local families in need.

If you are looking for a team to update your website we’d love to talk with you. Request your free website audit report so we can see under the hood of your website. We’re happy to consult with you to give you options to make your website a valuable business tool

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