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Looking for a one-stop-shop for all your marketing needs? Look no further than our local team of experts! We specialize in a wide range of marketing services, from social media management and web design to print and display advertising, as well as stunning graphic design work. Our team is dedicated to helping your business grow and thrive, with customized marketing solutions tailored to your unique needs and goals. Trust us to help you build a strong brand and attract new customers with our top-notch marketing services.

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Website Design, Mobile Responsive, Hosting, Maintenance & more.

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Search Engine Optimization, Key word Analysis, Blogs, Relevance, Authority & more.

Social Media

Social Media Strategy, Management,  Consulting, Research, Reporting & more.


Business Cards, Postcards, Flyers, Door Hangers, Letterhead & more.


Exhibits & Displays

Trade Shows, Meetings, Displays, Retail Spaces, Signage, Flags & more.

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We love what we do. With a very diverse background in advertising, marketing and technology, JMedia • Nettl of Cuyahoga Falls is prepared to look at your business with a keen eye because of the expertise we’ve gained throughout our careers. Sometimes it’s helpful to get new ideas or a different approach to help get you in front of your best customers —and stay in front of them!

We incorporate all the methods of traditional advertising and marketing and incorporate them with new methodologies to help your reach your advertising & marketing goals. From website design, hosting and SEO packages to logo design, brand identity, social media and more, our team can help!


“I highly recommend JMedia for web design and marketing services. They are thorough, collaborative and full of energy. They took the time to learn the specific details of our company and found the best way to deliver the message. We got more than we expected!"

Environments by Design

“Great communication and follow up. JMedia helps us to get our name out there in ways that we either would not think of on our own, or just don't have time to do. Valuable service priced right for our business!"


"JMedia is a team of utmost professionals. When you partner with them you can expect to receive their full attention and value & successful results of their expertise. They are experienced, hard-working and at the top of their industry. I know because I've worked with them for over 20 years!"

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Why Your Company Needs a Fractional CMO

In today's fast-paced business landscape, staying ahead of the competition requires a strategic approach to marketing. However, for many companies, hiring a full-time Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) can be costly and impractical, especially for those with limited...

100 Marketing Ideas!

Right message, right people, right time Marketing is about getting the right message in front of the right people at the right time. There are hundreds of ways in which you could do this. Thousands, in fact. It’s all about finding the right mix for your business. So...

Get better results from your Google Business Profile

Is Google My Business worth it? Google My Business is now called Google Business Profile. Is it worth it? Well, it’s free. So can we assume the question is ‘Is it worth the effort?’ Let us hit you with some facts. People love facts like people love local search....

A Brief Overview of Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

This is not a how-to guide Before we begin, this is not a how-to guide. It’s an overview of Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Written for business owners, managers, and marketers. For people that want a rundown of what the fuss is about, and what some of the main changes are....


AI is everywhere What started as geek-fest chatter at a LAN party is now a topical conversation piece on your daily commute. (Well, if people actually spoke to each other on the way to work then it would be.) Everyone is at it. In fact, even the old lady at the post...

Let’s Talk about Photography & Videography

Branding. It's super important. And yes, your business is your brand, but you are also the face of your brand. You are the relationship builder with others to get them to know, like and trust you so that they want to do business with YOU! Photography & Videography...

You Are What You Repeat

It started with an email It started with an email from a travel operator. The type of travel agent which books your travel for you. That takes care of everything. The email had a great subject line and began with a captivating story about a little piece of history. It...

3 Habits of Highly Effective SEO

There really is a lot to think about. Google uses over 200 (known) factors in its algorithm. And they experiment all the time. In fact, in 2018 they made over 3000 improvements. That’s almost 9 times a day, on average. And so keeping your website finely tuned as the...

Sensational Summer Style

Summer going full swing, no time for shy Business blooming, must catch their eye A buzz in the air, wind in your sails Ride that momentum, blaze some trails Stand up. Stand out. New branding adorned Your business: A sunflower, majestic and tall Summer chic is dashing....

7 Proven Ways to Drive Web Traffic to Your Website

You’d be forgiven for thinking that selling online is a completely different kettle of fish. The truth is, although it may be a different type of kettle, the fish have very similar tendencies. Our attention span may be shorter today. And there is an incredible amount...