100 Marketing Ideas!

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Right message, right people, right time

Marketing is about getting the right message in front of the right people at the right time.

There are hundreds of ways in which you could do this. Thousands, in fact.

It’s all about finding the right mix for your business.

So here are 100 marketing ideas, across different channels, to give you some inspiration.

They’re not in any particular order. And remember, not all of these ideas will be right for your business.

You have to cherry pick the ones that align with your strategy.

Start with a plan

And so before you start, have a think about your plan.

What is your target demographic? What kind of people buy your thing, and why?

Where will you find your customers? What other things do they like? Where do they hang out?

It’s about choosing to fish where the fish are.

If you have a list of your top 100 clients, or top 10. How could you find more like these?

We have a post on creating a marketing plan so be sure to check it out.

Otherwise, if you’re ready to brainstorm some ideas, grab a notepad and let’s get started.

Direct Outreach

1. Email

Nurture leads, build relationships, and promote sales through targeted emails.

2. Invitations

Personalise invitations to events, creating an exclusive and engaging experience.

3. Linkedin Premium

Unlock additional features on LinkedIn for enhanced networking and visibility.

4. Lumpy Mail

Send attention-grabbing mail that offers value and novelty for a memorable connection.

5. Samples

Allow customers to experience your product through free samples or trial periods.

6. Phone Calls

No, we’re not a fan of cold calls either. However, we are a fan of care calls. Checking in with customers to make sure they’re happy can be a relationship-focused way to increase loyalty and sales.

Ambassador Marketing

7. Affiliate Programme

Harness the power of influencers and partners to expand your reach and sales.

8. Collaborations

Collaborate with Other Businesses to create mutually beneficial partnerships for cross-promotion.

9. Customer Testimonials

Encourage reviews and testimonials to build trust and credibility. Use video testimonials where possible.

10. Loyalty Cards

Encourage repeat business with a card designed to boost sales and reward loyal customers.

11. Referral Scheme

Incentivise customers to refer others, expanding your customer base through a trusted network.

Social Media

12. Social Media Ads

Try boosting posts or advertising on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

13. Influencers

Collaborate with relevant social-media influencers to reach their audience and leverage authority.

14. Host a Q&A

Engage your audience and build connections through interactive Q&A sessions.

15. Behind-the-Scenes Content

Humanize your brand by sharing the inner workings of your business to add character and grow your following.

16. Competitions or Giveaways

Boost engagement and attract new customers with contests that also provide great content.

17. Social Media Takeovers

Allow influencers or employees to take control of your social media for a day.

18. UGC (User-Generated Content)

Encourage customers to create content showcasing your products or services.


19. Onsite SEO

Optimize your website’s content and structure for search engine visibility and relevance.

20. Offsite SEO

Optimize your credibility, online presence and trustflow score improving your website’s backlink profile.

21. Directory Listings

Ensure your business is visible on relevant online directories for local SEO.

22. Google Ads

Boost online visibility and drive targeted traffic or product sales with paid search efforts on Google’s advertising platform.

23. Optimise Google Business Profile

Maximize your Google Business Profile to better serve customers and enhance local search visibility.

24. Add products to GBP

Boost visibility and attract local customers searching for your offerings.

25. Remarketing

Re-engage website visitors with targeted ads based on their previous interactions with your website

Non-social Ad Placements

26. Print Ads

Place targeted advertisements in relevant print publications for wider exposure.

27. Newspaper Ads

Advertise in local or industry-specific newspapers for targeted exposure.

28. Radio Ads

Reach a broad audience with targeted radio advertisements or competitions in your area.

29. Spotify Ads

Target a specific audience with audio ads on the popular music streaming platform.

30. Waze Ads

Increase local visibility with advertising on the popular navigation app.

31. TripAdvisor Ads

Capitalise on travel-related visibility with targeted advertising on TripAdvisor. Perfect for hospitality businesses.

32. Team Sponsorships

Support local teams or events for community engagement and exposure.

Print & PR

33. Leaflet Drop

Target specific areas with low-cost promotional literature, like leaflets, for direct outreach.

34. Postcards

Send hard-to-ignore postcards for direct and tangible marketing with a punchy message and offer.

35. Letters

Craft personalized letters on branded stationery to create high-touch, high-value connections with prospects or customers.

36. Thank You Cards

Express gratitude and build customer loyalty with branded thank-you cards.

37. Magazines

Create your own magazine for a tangible presence in front of a targeted audience.

38. Newsletters

Keep your audience informed and engaged with regular printed newsletters or newspapers.

39. Editorials

Contribute insightful articles to industry publications for thought leadership.

40. Press Releases

Share company news and updates through press releases for local and national media coverage.

41. Awards

Leverage awards to build credibility and showcase your excellence in the industry.


42. Exhibit

Showcase your products, exhibit, make connections, and stay updated on industry trends.

43. Backpack Flags

While there, use backpack flags at events to turn your brand into a walking advertisement.

44. Attend a Trade Show

Participate in shows aligned with your audience for targeted exposure and connections.

45. In-Store Events

Bring customers into your physical space with events or product demonstrations.

46. Workshops

Host hands-on workshops or training sessions to engage with your audience.

47. VIP Event

Host exclusive events for valued customers or influencers.

48. Open Day

Invite potential customers to explore your business or products with an open day event.

49. Pop-up Shop

Create a temporary retail presence to engage with customers in different locations.

50. Shopping Center Stands

Position your brand in high-traffic areas within shopping centers for on-demand footfall.

51. Speaking Opportunities

Establish authority by speaking at industry conferences or events.

52. Host a Webinar

Showcase expertise, generate leads, and connect with a wider audience.

53. Networking

Build relationships and generate leads through strategic networking efforts in your area.

54. Chamber of Commerce

Join your local Chamber of Commerce to network and collaborate.

55. BNI

Network and generate referrals through your local BNI meetings.

56. Small Business Expo

Attend this popular business to business expo known for fast-network sessions, a collaborative environment, workshops, and building useful relationships.

Signs & Display

57. Banners

Capture the attention of passers-by with strategically placed roadside banners.

58. Billboard

Amplify brand visibility with large-scale outdoor advertising in high-traffic areas.

59. Use Flags Outside

Make a bold statement and increase high-street visibility with eye-catching customized flags.

60. Lamp Post & Bollard Signs

Utilise outdoor space for extremely eye-catching localized advertising on roadside bollards or lamp posts.

61. Pavement Signs

Attract foot traffic with strategically placed signage on sidewalks with engaging messaging.

62. Point of Purchase Signage

Capture attention and promote last-minute purchases with in-store signage.

63. Posters

Utilize posters for eye-catching displays in high-traffic areas with a short compelling message.

64. Update Shop Signage

Make your storefront stand out and look inviting with effective and attractive signage.

65. Strut Cards

Display promotional messages effectively on table tops with freestanding strut cards.

66. Vehicle Graphics

Turn your company vehicles into mobile advertisements with custom graphics.

67. Window Graphics

Transform your windows into eye-catching displays with custom graphics.

68. Wall Graphics

Often your largest canvas. Utilize wall space for impactful branding and messaging.

69. Floor Graphics

Use floor space for eye-catching graphics, guiding customers and enhancing branding.

Content Marketing

70. Blogs & Articles

Share valuable content to establish authority and connect with your audience.

71. Ebook/Guide Downloads

Provide valuable resources to enhance credibility while capturing leads and building an audience.

72. White Paper

Showcase industry expertise by publishing authoritative white papers. Great for building lists and SEO.

73. Surveys

Gather and share valuable user feedback to create an engaging, noteworthy and sharable piece of content.

74. Guest Blogs

Expand your audience by contributing guest posts to relevant blogs.

75. Medium & LinkedIn

Extend the reach of your content by republishing on popular platforms.

76. Revamp Old Posts

Update and repurpose existing content to stay relevant and maximize value.

77. Podcasts

Share insights, interviews, and discussions through podcast platforms tailored to your audience.

78. Promotional Videos

Showcase your brand or products through engaging explainer video content.

79. YouTube Channel

Add a series of engaging videos to reach a vast and diverse online audience. Think about helpful content or behind the scenes footage.

Website Optimization

80. Product/Service Landing Pages

Create dedicated landing pages to highlight specific offerings.

81. Customer-related Landing Pages

Personalize landing pages for specific customer segments, enhancing relevance.

82. Optimize Above the Fold

Ensure key information is prominently placed on your website’s initial view.

83. Seasonal Content

Align your web banners with the latest announcements to boost freshness and relevance

84. Online Bookings

Simplify things by enabling online booking for stays, hires, reservations, and appointments.

85. Simplify Messaging

Convey your message clearly and concisely for better audience understanding.

86. CTAs

Add CTAs to sections and pages. Direct visitors with compelling calls-to-action for increased engagement.

87. Live Chat

Provide instant support and enhance user experience with real-time communication.

88. 360 Tours

Immerse your audience with virtual tours showcasing your business or products.

Something a Little Different

89. AR Filters

Create interactive and shareable brand experiences using augmented reality on social media.

90. Promotional Giveaways

Increase brand visibility with innovative and useful branded items as giveaways. There are lots of fun and interesting ideas!

91. Printed T-Shirts

Help your team stand out in a crowd with fun and memorable custom printed t-shirts.

92. Branded Clothing

Turn your team into walking brand ambassadors with custom clothing.

93. Coloring Books

Offer branded coloring books for a unique and engaging marketing tool with a family-friendly vibe.

94. Create a National Day

Establish a dedicated day for your brand or product, creating a buzz.

95. Giphy

Create branded GIFs for a playful and shareable online presence.

96. Limited Edition Products

Create urgency and exclusivity with special-edition products or services.

97. Publicity Stunt

Create a wacky, memorable and buzz-worthy event or talking-point for media attention. But stay safe, folks!

98. Quora

Answer relevant industry-related questions on Quora to showcase your expertise.

99. Reddit

Engage with niche communities on Reddit to foster community and build brand awareness.

100. SMS Messaging

Reach customers directly with targeted SMS campaigns that are hard to ignore.

Where do I start?

100 marketing ideas are just that. Ideas. Possibilities. There are thousands more. But the key is to craft a marketing plan based on your target market, your goals, and your budget. Get in touch with us to make a start over coffee. Request a free website audit. Or call us for a free consultation!


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