Firewall Fittings

Firewall Fittings Website Design

Our client reached out to us to rebuild an existing website that was inherited when he purchased the business.

It was outdated, non-responsive, and needed a visual boost. We rebuilt this site on our platform, making it mobile responsive and visually appealing. In addition, we enabled an ecommerce function so that the products can now be ordered directly without the need to maintain a separate online store. We created a shop showing all the fittings available in various sizes. Our client can also update both the visual aspect, the pricing, and do order fulfilment from one dashboard.

It was through this process that the owner determined that the URL should be updated to better reflect the business and products that they carry. We not only procured the new address but ensured the old address would forward to the new address so that any bookmarks would still function.

Firewall Fittings Logo Design

Our client determined that the company name wasn’t a good representation of the product line. He add the name Fire Wall Fittings, by DoubleTee Products, LLC.

We created this logo for him to represent the brand.